About Me

"You can't step in the same river twice."

Here are my musings on raising children sustainably. I believe in spreading a new culture of environmental consciousness, taking what we know from the past and integrating it with innovations of our present. 

About Me:

I'm a writer, classical cellist, holistic healer, scientist, mother.

I've lived, worked, or studied in San Francisco, Berlin, Shanghai, Helsinki, Boston, Hong Kong, Hamburg. I currently live in Bamberg, Germany.

I studied at New England Conservatory of Music, Tufts University, Sibelius Academy, The European Rolfing Association.

Contributions welcome!

The Buddha Muffin Blog is just getting started (slowly but surely!). My vision is to make this a safe place where a variety of thoughts and opinions can be shared.

My blog is open for contributions 1000-1600 words long. Please, no politics, but I welcome essays about experiences that have influenced your political thinking, anywhere on the spectrum. 

Photo essays are also welcome. 

Drop me a note at audreymei@gmail.com.

Thank you!

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