Saturday, November 7, 2015

Practically Wasting My Time

I just wasted two hours trying to get my baby to nap. The eye-rubbing and whining started at 10am. She's just now fallen asleep. It's noon. 

There are days when I waste my time slicing avocado and tomatoes for baby, only for her to spend half an hour flicking it all onto the floor. And evenings when I waste 10 minutes reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear to her on the potty, only for her to stand up and gleefully pee on the bath mat. 

When you're a parent, time gets weird. It takes on a value somewhere between gold and paper towels: it's extremely precious, yet you find yourself throwing away massive amounts of it, every day. If I added up all those little minutes of feeding, pottying, and putting baby to sleep, would I be horrified to know what I could have done with my life instead? I could have learned fluent Chinese! Invented a portable water-desalination system! Funded girls' education worldwide!