Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Öko-Test Went to China. And It Got Awkward.

Öko-Test website, now live from Beijing.
You can read here about how I love Öko-Test.

Öko-Test is a German consumer-protection force that has been rigorously testing consumer products since 1985. As I've reported earlier, the Chinese respect German goods for their quality, particularly baby formula after the 2008 baby formula scandal in China that killed 6 babies and sickened 300,000. On May 15 of this year, Öko-Test launched their China branch website,, to publish test results of products sold in China. The joint venture team is led by Luo Chanping, a well-known Chinese journalist and recipient of the Integrity Award by Transparency International in 2013. 

In line with procedures for Öko-Test in Germany, the Chinese products are bought anonymously and sent to Germany by express mail for independent testing. But when their first test results came out, things got kind of awkward. For Germany.

It made sense that the very first product that Öko-Test would test was baby formula, considering its importance in the German-Chinese consumer protection relationship. The results, however, were cringe-worthy. German baby formula was bought in China, then sent back to Germany for laboratory testing. And this is what they found: The German baby formula sold in China contains significantly higher amounts of toxins than the German baby formula sold in Germany. Not only that, they found the Chinese are paying more than double for this inferior product. Ouch.

Extra points, though, for Öko-Test's neutrality.


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